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Unlimited Google Drive Storage

As you may already know that Google Drive Enterprise Edition has Unlimited Storage features and we will share the access to your existing Gmail Account. The Drive with Unlimited Storage (Team Drive) will be added to your Gmail or G Suite Account. This does not modify your Google account in any way– use on most updated Google Drive supported apps– share your data with anyone.

This is just a one-time payment (No monthly or annual payment).  We only need your email to add the drive (NO password is required).


  • Unlimited Google Drive Storage
  • Google Enterprise Edition Drive
  • Onetime payment for Private use
  • Each Account will Get one Secured Drive
  • The drive is shared but NOT available to the public to see unless you share the drive or files.


How to get Access?

Once the order placed and paid, we will provide the access to your account. You can share your email ID to our FB inbox or in Live chat. Please share your order number as a reference.

Do I need to pay every year or one time?

For Shared Drive, you need to pay every year but for the Private Drive, it’s a lifetime. That means you don’t need to pay again and again until you can use the service.

Can I share the drive with other users?

With Google System, you can share but we will not allow the user to share the Drive or the folder for any commercial uses but you can share any file with anyone you want. If any user shares the drive with other users or any suspicious Activities detected the Account will be Suspended. The account may terminate if there is any Adult content or other unauthorized content uploaded and not allowed by Google.

1 Year Money-Back Guarantee:

In any case, if the service is interrupted you will get full money back as your BDSHOP Store Credit within 1 year from the date of purchase.

Lifetime* Means?

Everything has a lifetime and for this Unlimited Google Drive, there is also applied lifetime. Here are the limitations it may apply- 

  • a. If Google Changes any policy and can’t allow shared drive
  • b. If Google Suspend our Account for any other users policy violations
  • c. Each user has a fully separate Drive, still, if any user violates the Google fair uses policy for storing sensitive files which is against the law or uses for any copyrighted files and shares it publicly for mass users or any other similar violations.

In many circumstances, if the service is interrupted the buyer may request an alternative drive one more time. If we still face similar kinds of issues and suspended the service for 2nd time- we won’t be able to get the service. So, everyone requested to understand the limitations and agree to get the service with the various limitations of the service. 

Still, if you consider the technology- we can assume this Unlimited Google Drive lifetime period equals 5 years of time but still, this is not the exact time. You will be still able to use your data for a lifetime unless there are any serious policy changes from the Google end.

But in general, you don’t need to worry about the Google service- It’s reliable, secure, and robust technology in the world.

What is the difference between Shared Drive and Private Drive?
– In shared drive, our super admin will have access to see but we don’t go through anyone’s drive and in Private drive, you will be the only one who will have the drive access. We will not have any access to the drive- you will see only you are the user. That means, Only you will manage the drive and its content.

In Private Drive, can I add more users or Can I share the drive or folder or can I resell the drive to others?
– NO, this is for individual use only- you will have limited access to share the drive but yes you can share files to anyone you want but NOT the whole drive or Folder.

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